Ga DoD Seal

The Georgia National Guard Joint Force Headquarters is located at:
Clay National Guard Center
1000 Halsey Avenue
Building 447
Marietta, GA 30062


To contact CNGC please dial 678-569-6060 and follow the prompts:

Press 1 for:
G1 Personnel Office -
Military Records
DD 214
Education Services
Funeral Honors


Press 2 for:
ID Card Office


Press 3 for:
Family Services -


Press 4 for:
Photo Lab


Press 5 for:
Provost Marshall -
Front Gate


Press 6 for:
Recruiting and Retention


Press 7 for:
Public Affairs -
Media Inquiries
Community & Event Support Requests


Press 8 for:
Aviation noise complaint


Press 9 for:
Garrison Command



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